Champion Team: Team Stessl (1788pts)

Champion Team Runner-up: Honcho Brothers (1700pts)

Champion Team Flyfishing: Blankety Blanks 2 (1210pts)

Champion Angler Senior: Wayne Carr (935pts)

Champion Angler Senior Runner-up: Shane Gartner (815pts)

Champion Angler Fly: Camm Morris (653pts)

Champion Angler Junior: Ben Job (476pts)

Champion Angler Junior Runner-up: Joel Gartner

Longest Flathead Senior: Glenn Crawford (93cm)

Longest Flathead Fly: Camm Morris (67cm)

Longest Flathead Junior: Christian Sirotti (90cm)

Longest Bream: Ben Gilbert (35cm)

Longest Estuary Cod: Gary Brown (56cm)

Longest Mulloway: Daniel Sands (95cm)

Longest Trevally: Nicholas Mead (54cm), Peter O’Brien (54cm)

Longest Whiting: Rick Wilcox (38cm)

Longest Tailor: Danny Sands (54cm)

Most Metres Senior: Tony Devine (15.13m)

Most Metres Junior: Ben Job (7.16m)

Most Fish: Tony Devine (35 Flathead)

Total Number of Flathead 35cm+ caught

Day 1: 604 Day 2: 595 Day 3: 343 Total: 1542

Top 20 Teams

1. STESSL (1788pts)
2. HONCHO BROTHERS (1700pts)
3. TEAM DEV OCEAN (1365pts)
4. FISH BUSTER (1350pts)
5. SERVE CHILLED (1272pts)
8. BLANKETY BLANKS 2 (1210pts)
9. WILD MARINE (1184pts)
11. TEAM CHARLTON (1147pts)
13. TEAM FISHLIPS (1040pts)
14. TEAM DOG (905pts)
15. TEAM D.N.B HALCO (895pts)
16. BLACK PIRATES (880pts)
17. TEAM THROWBACK (860pts)
18. LIVELY LURES (858pts)
19. LAZY LIZARD LURES (745pts)
20. CHUCKUMBACKS (737pts)

Top 20 Anglers

1. Wayne Carr (935pts)
2. Shane Gartner (815 pts)
3. Glenn Crawford (800pts)
4. Tony Devine (785pts)
5. Chris Metcalf (775pts)
6. Leon Sines (745pts)
7. Emanuel Vanarey (700pts)
8. Clint Vaughan (660pts)
9. Jason Redmond (660pts)
10. Brian Hutchinson (655pts)
11. Camm Morris (653pts)
12. Graham Waters (650pts)
13. Roy Souter (621pts)
14. Grant Lazzaro (605pts)
15. Danny Sands (595pts)
16. Kim Jones (580pts)
17. Jean-Pierre de Mezieres (570pts)
18. Peter Cooper (565pts)
19. Baden Sparrow (557pts)
20. Peter Lyne (540pts)