Our Games Masters deliver a great range of Monthly Club catch comps and Club day comps. Whether you target inside or outside fish the comps offer something for everyone. We also have Fish of the Month and an annual Angler of the Year points series. We would love to share your fishing pics and videos with the masses and submitting your monthly catches electronically assist us in getting your pics out there.

Digitally Catching your Captures

A great fish photo these days is just as important as the catch itself. Make sure you are capturing all of your captures either on digital still or video camera. This is now so achievable with excellent quality pics even possible from your mobile phone. We will also be promoting the submission of monthly captures electronically so that we can easily upload your fantastic fishing pics straight to our website.

Club Comp Rules

Pics must be submitted to ther email address by midday on the day of the club meeting or by printed photo at the meeting. All pics must be labelled with angler name and measurement or have a date stamp on it as provided by most digital cameras and phones now days.

Fish of the Month

  • is awarded monthly
  • can be any species caught anywhere
  • anlger must be in attendance at the monthly meeting
  • Please note fish submitted for fish of the month cannot be submitted for Inside & Outside points.

—Annual Inside & Outside Champions

  • 2 comps running at the same time and anglers can compete in both: Inside Annual Champion with monthly champ & Outside Annual Champion with monthly champ
  • Target species are named for the month and a bonus point will be awarded for capturing one of these during the designated period.
  • Best 3 Captures can be submitted.
  • Must meet QLD legal limits for the purposes of the comp even if caught in NSW
  • —Must caught between top of Moreton to Kingscliffe for targeted species or in estuaries & Dams Hinze Clarrie Hall, Moogerah, Maroon, Somerset, Wivenhoe
  • Must be clearly photographed and include monthly token (month and year) or date stamp from camera to prove date of capture.
  • The angler with the best 3 combined length of any species for the month will be awarded 3 points. 2 points for second etc. You do not necessarily need to catch 3 fish to win. i.e. only 2 fish submitted with the winning length then you will receive 3 points. 2nd place receives 2 points and all other entrants 1.
  • No Winner that month the prize jackpots.