GCSFC Annual Points System 2020-2021 Monthly Target Species

Throughout the year club members can participate in the following club competitions. Annual Club Champion Anglers. Each category (Inshore. Offshore, Junior and Females) will be allocated a selection of target species for the year. Your aim is to catch all the species throughout the year. You can submit any number of fish each month for each towards your annual points tally at any one time. i.e you go fishing and catch 5 different species on your target list, then you submit a photo of the largest of each species to count towards your points tally. You can upgrade your biggest of species at any time throughout the year by submitting a photograph of the larger fish. The angler with the largest combined total for each category will be declared the winner. All fish submitted must be photographed on a brag mat showing clearly the length of the fish. Measured from the nose to the tip of the tail. And be legal length for that species to qualify. Target Species for each month. The club will still designate a target species each month for which the angler who catches the biggest for that month will win either a Doug Burts prize pack valued at over $100 or a Gold Coast Tackle Shop $100 voucher. These are as listed below i.e Inshore July is Tailor, Offshore July is Snapper and so on. These fish will also count towards your annual points tally. Fish of The Month Entries. Entries for Fish of the Month can be fish caught anywhere and all photos submitted are voted on by members present at the meeting. The entry that receives the highest number of votes will receive a Doug Burt prize pack valued at over $100 or a Gold Coast Fishing Tackle Shop $100 voucher.   All inshore species will equal 1 cm = 1 point. ** The maximum amount of points to be allocated against any species is 150. Marlin will attract automatically be allocated a maximum points value of 150 points.

Snapper – July 2020
Tusk Fish/ Parrot Fish – August 2020
Pearl Pearch – September 2020
Amberjack – October 2020
Kingfish – November 2020
Mahi Mahi – December 2020
Tuna – January 2021
**Marlin – February 2021
Wahoo – March 2021
Mackerel – April 2021
Jew – May 2021
Trag – June 2021
** These fish will attract a maximum of 150 points

Tailor – July 2020
Trevalley- August 2020
Flathead – September 2020
Grassy Sweetlip – October 2020Threadfin – November
Whiting- December 2020
Rock Cod – January 2021
Mangrove Jack- February 2021
Bass – March 2021
Pike – April 2021
Tarpon – May 2021
Bream – June 2021
Note: Bass must be caught in either one of the estuarine rivers in the designated boundaries or within a stocked impoundment within the SE QLD area. Impoundments are as far north as Bjelke Petersen Dam (draw a line across from Maryborough) in the north and as far south as the border with NSW.